Sound Vision Studio
is the creative art-house of Devon based artist Rachael Linton.




Verre églomisé

Graphic Design

Fine Art

Digital Installations

Gilding Frames, Furniture & Fine Art


water-gilding & oil-gilding

Artworks for sale and commission are lovingly handcrafted by Rachael Linton using traditional and contemporary techniques. Producing genuine gold art for your home and studio with forms that make you feel energised, enlivened and enriched.


Projects include gilding the Queens Robing Room at Westminster Palace,  fine art gilding some of Britain's finest painters, temples, church weather-vanes, sacred ornaments and more.


With a background in digital media film-making and audio engineering, Rachael's work became digital then electric.  Gold is a conductor, silver and copper conduct electricity, and so working with genuine 24ct gold was a natural progression for Rachael.