Designed by Rachael Linton and developed by Justin Holloway of Biotelligent Ltd.


Sound Vision app is a sound and colour generator.
It can be used for a variety of different applications although the purpose for its creation is as a tool for self-healing. Practitioners of energy therapy and researchers in  this field will find this app a particularly useful tool. Sound Vision is a therapeutic app and has been developed to 'service your inner mind'.  Sound Vision is a self therapy, It is based on a biofeedback model, in that you control it and it is you who experience the device. You change the controls to feel new and different experiences... and so on.

Sound and colour are energetic vibrations, which interact with the subtle  biorhythms of our bodies. Our own art research has found that our cymatics installations have had an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and the sub- conscious mind. We know that sound and colour can heal but what is its potential in a digital age? The Sound Vision  app was developed as the control panel for my interactive art shows which immerse viewers into sonic environments aimed to change their state of being via a complex cacophony of vibrating signals.



1. Choose your favourite colour within the RGB colour scale.

2. Select a pure sine wave tone/sound you like.

3. Watch the cymatics pool of water dancing in geometric mandala patterns and immerse yourself in the visual vibrations and audio landscape.

4. See if you can make yourself feel either calm and relaxed

or stimulated or even agitated. These feelings you are experiencing are due to the changes in vibration in your brain and in your surrounding field.


Stay here, experience this for a while...

Let the symphony of coloured light, sound and visual vibration imbue your synapses, allow yourself to become bathed by the vibrations while you enter into an effortless state meditation.



You may track your heart rate and EEG via various 3rd party gizmos. The Sound Vision app has also been developed to be used in conjunction with your home VR headset. The sound output can be connected to any device via the headphone jack while the colour output has been developed to function in unision with the external LED smartphone colour 'clip' or 'colour ring' (sold separately).




The Imagery of cymatics presented within the app is designed to send you into trance-like altered states. Your aim is to allow your brain to enter a meditative alpha state in which emotional holding patterns may be dislodged and released so that deep healing may be accessed.


You are your own self healer.





By participating with the Sound Vision app you acknowledge that these techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, physical or mental. It is not intended as a substitute for regular medical or psychiatric care. The facilitator of this website does not advocate the discontinuance of any prescribed medication or medical or psychological care.


You agree to take full responsibility for any outcomes that may occur as a result of participating with any healing practice presented on or from this website. You also agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being and acknowledge that you may need to see a practitioner to assist you with some emotional and health issues that you are experiencing before, during or after using these techniques.


The facilitator of this website strongly encourages all individuals who are actively seeking transformation and healing to seek the advice and support of a professional.