Sound Vision - short film - 18min

Developed during a one year Digital Media: Visual communication Design - Masters.


created by Rachael Linton (2008)


This film explores film therapy concepts and ideas. If we could see sound, what would it look like?

and how might that visual form be translated into a moving image form which may be capable of

producing physical, psychological, and spiritual healing outcomes.


If you are interested in this theory please browse the accompanying written thesis below.


Since producing this film in 2008 Rachael Linton has continued her research and filmmaking; pruducing many cymatics film explorations and in 2013 produced 'Eon Solace' another 20min film which was made for screening within the Soul Dome 360 immersive cinema in collaboration with sound healer 'Rowan Sterk' (sound production)

Both films 'Sound Vision' and 'Eon Solace'  have been touring the UK 2013 festival scene.





To view other films, prototypes and film experiments navigate to the

'SoundVisioNZ' youtube channel here

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Rachael's continuing work involves testing her film therapy prototypes scientifically; using MRI , EEG and other electromagnetic measurement devices to deduce weather and to what extent her films have the ability to stimulate the brain to release healing specific neurochemicles. If you would like to become an Angel Investor to lend patronage in the discovery of data which may find the cure for many psychological & medical ailments such as ADHD, Alzheimer's & Parkinson's disease,  Schizophrenia, depression, migraines and more; Please contact me.