Rachael Linton is a New Zealand born artist and British citizen currently living in London. In 2018 she established Sound Vision Studio, her creative art-house for all her artistic endeavors. Digital artist, painter, theorist, polymath, and gilder by trade, Rachael uses precious metals, gold, silver and copper in her art. With a Masters in Digital media design (2008), she has exhibited her interactive & kinetic sculptures in many shows throughout the UK including the Kinetica Artfair, Mind Body Spirit London, and Brighton Digital Festival. In her work today, Rachael moving away from the digital towards analogue sounds to experiment not with digital sine wave tones, but instead with acoustic gong and voice vibrations. This way she hopes to achieve frequencies that more closely interact with our human bio-energetic frequencies.


Linton has been creating artwork with the aim of being therapeutic for the last 10 years. Her digital art and kinetic sculptures are designed for spaces where healing and therapy are encouraged. She works between the concepts of harmony and chaos to achieve the same reactions in the viewer. Radiance and illumination are also themes she strives to convey through her art. Participants have reported deep healing experiences and sub-conscious recollections after participating in Rachael's immersive art.