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Sound Vision Studio produce finely crafted gilded objects.
Working in pure 24ct gold other genuine precious metals we ornament fine art, frames, luxury furniture as well as interior and exterior architecture.  Bespoke designs can be rendered to produce  personalised one of a kind items to be gilded to the utmost attention to detail.

This Hindu Temple was a bespoke commission for a private home in Surrey. Gilded with genuine 23.5ct gold leaf and hand decorated using traditional & contemporary techniques. The temple is both water & oil gilded with pastiglia & plaster cast ornamentation designed to the clients wishes.


Jan - Feb 2017

Surey & London


Gilded at my studio in
Berry Pomeroy, Devon.


Jai MAA Ambe

Rachael Linton is a freelance artist available for commissions


Nov - Dec 2015

Southall, London


I have been blessed to gild the holy palki that houses the Shri Guru Granth Sahib, which is the sacred text and central teacher of Sikhism.

For two weeks I was warmly hosted by the Sikh congregation at this active temple where I worked accompanied by perpetual Punjabi raga and devotional prayer.

Required to cover my head I felt like
I stepped into my artistic self garnered in a turban. I restored and gilded the four pillars of the palki,
 I feel most uplifted from my experience at the Gurdwara,
Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.


Wahe Guru!!


Dec 2015

Eva Hall - Florest

Haywards Heath, UK.


Inspired by 18th century chinoiserie Eva's home living room wall was transformed from damaged and dusty into a magnificent golden wall with a magnolia tree, white eye birds and a gerbil. Designed alongside Eva and her whole family to incorporate their favourite flora and fauna and to match the colours of their existing interiors




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I was looking for something new for our home, then I came across Rachael! In the planning stage she was consistent in communication and replied promptly. I saw I was going to enjoy and be engaged with this project. For a whole week it added a creative inspirational flow into our daily life as we watched it grow. As a florist and a gardener I seek for beauty of many forms and shapes. The whole process was comfortable, relaxing and engaging. I have more than I expected in terms of cosiness and homeliness. My family and friends enjoy and often make very complimentary comments about Rachael's work. When alone, I very much appreciate the time I can spend just sitting down in my home contemplating this work. At any time of day or night it reflects light in constantly changing shades. Its also a perfect backdrop for the photography of my flower arrangements.
-Jun 2016, Eva Hall.




Gilt calligraphy, directly on to Nicks -9ft high, oil paintings.




- Rachael has a wonderfully sensitive and sympathetic approach to her commissions. As an artist herself she imbues her gilding with imagination and flare; her work on my paintings added hugely to the final result. Professional at all times with a great sense of humour, she is a delight to work with. 'I have been incorporating gold - usually associated with works of the high renaissance and those with religious iconography - in pictures with a wry or humorous centre. It adds a richness and extravagant opulence to unexpected subject matter, deifying the everyday.'


Nick Hugh McCann Sept 2016






Gilding the Queens Robing Room with DBR conservation and a team of 8 gilders.

HOLY CUPBOARD - Combination Water and oil gilding



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