Golden Water Gong


This vibrating water exhibition uses cymatics (sound made visible), interactivity and the power of intention to make vibrations which will light up the room. Inspired by the work of Dr Masaru Emoto who believed that the intention of the mind could purify water, and Dr Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor who thought that cymatics has the potential to be healing. This project unites both these ideas, the power of intention is carried by the voice directly into a golden gong filled with water to be charged and purified. Golden resonant light embraces the viewers and seeing cymatics for the first time somehow fulfils some primal human fascination.


Come along and play the Golden Water Gong and you will see the whole cosmic universe appear before your eyes. Geometrically charged light will touch and kiss you, mesmerising you into calm or elated states of being which can be conducive to healing. Rachael will be offering experimental workshops throughout the duration of Breaking Convention to unite the power of our minds and voices to create ripples in the fabric of time.




Workshops, Lectures & Demonstrations by appointment:


In this light art installation, 30 people join each other in a circle around the Golden Water Gong. Our collective aim is to charge the water with the positive energy of our minds and voices to structurally change the water. Rachael our host will guide participants through a variety of sound and intention-based practices to try and achieve this goal. We will become immersed in the golden cymatics tones to positively impact both the vibration of the water and the bio-electromagnetic field of our own bodies. We will experiment with the time-honoured OM vibration, Hindu and Vedic sound syllables and generally be playful enough to make the water vibrate in cymatics patterns. Participants may experience deep healing experiences and sub-conscious recollections or... other unforeseen phenomena by participating in Rachael's art.