Touring England in 2016

Painted on a canvas of 3,000,000 pieces of steel. 64 metres (210 foot) long and weighs 438 kg (966 pounds).

1066 A Medieval Mosaic is the longest steel mosaic in the World, it is both a complete re-creation of the Bayeux tapestry and a recreation of the missing panels researched and designed by father and  daughter team, Michael and Rachael Linton. This 33 year artistic odyssey and has resulted in a truly unique New Zealand Masterpiece. The artwork has been on display in Geraldine, New Zealand since September 2001 and will soon set sail for tour around the UK kicking off during the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 2016.


Art by Michael Linton

Design by Rachael Linton




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Tour Dates 2016 for the 950th Aniversary of the Battle of Hastings Saturday 12 August - 31st October Crypt Gallery - St Mary in the Castle Hastings November - January 2017 St Mary the Virgin Church Battle We welcome expressions of interest to exhibit 
1066 - A Medieval Mosaic in 2017-2018

1979 -1999
Michael Linton embarked on painting a complete replica of the Bayeux tapestry on a mosaic of steel, A determined and dedicated 20 years later, finished it.

33.8 m long and weighed 230 kg

The Making

Michael and Rachael spent 8 years accurately researching historical and

contemporary literature on every aspect of 11th century history in order to draw a truthful depiction of

the events preceding the Norman Conquest of England. This has led to Michael Linton becoming one of the worlds most educated historians on 11th Century Medival History. Rachael researched

the design style to match the Bayeux tapestry and studdied the illuminated manuscrips and iconography of the time. Michael researched the written stories and documentation of medieval records.
As a period piece it was important that the extension depict the people, events and culture accurately, while maintaining the appropriate artistic style, colour and composition of the original tapestry.

Whilst Rachael meticulously designed the artwork, it was Michael’s task to prepare the 22

metre section of 1,000,000 steel pieces on which the Mosaic was to be painted. Michael finally

critiqued the design, painted the canvas, mounted and framed it for public viewing. Perhaps the

crowning achievement of the extension is that only an expert can tell where the original artwork

ends and the new one begins.


The Battle of Fulford Gate

Harald Hardrada, King of Norway, arrived in England on the 8th September 1066 and made his

way from Riccal up to York. On the outskirts of York, Hardrada was confronted by the Earls

of Northumberland and their armies. The Battle of Fulford Gate ensued and Hardrada emerged

the victor.


The Battle of Stamford Bridge

Having heard of the Norwegian landing, King Harold led a forced march from London to York,

arriving in York in a matter of days. The Norwegian army was taken completely by surprise

and after the Battle of Stamford Bridge the remnants of Hardradas’s army departed the English



The Gallery

Michael’s Medieval Mosaic has been on display in Geraldine, New Zealand since October 2001.

Michael gives daily talks on the construction and history of the Mosaic, which has become an

increasingly popular destination for tour groups and school visits as well as for visitors from all

over the world. The complete mosaic is painted on a canvas of 3,000,000 pieces of steel; it is

64 metres long and weighs 438 kg. The new Stamford Bridge section provides the story with its

long awaited conclusion and gives the piece an added importance that it truly deserves.

To supplement the Mosaic, Michael’s extensive research has been compiled into an interactive

DVD-ROM that describes the full original artwork and its meaning. It contains a wealth of

information including full-text books, genealogy, heraldry, castles, weapons, tartans, humorous

verse, talking books, maps, astronomy, Latin text and Brass rubbings as well as Michael’s

Magic Cube and Tri-Alphametic Puzzles.







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2001 - 2005

The 'Finale' section depicting events of the Crowning of William the Conqueror on  Christmas day 1066.

The finale measures
8m long and 60 kg



2005 - 2012

Battles of Fulford Gate & Stamford Bridge

22 m long and 160 kg




Total 64m long  and 450 kg